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Microcurrent therapy: all you need to know about the procedure

Do you think that after you turn 30, having beautiful and elastic skin without wrinkles is just a dream? Modern cosmetology dispels this stereotype and proves that it’s possible! Moreover, achieving healthy and radiant skin no longer requires spending time and money on visits to a salon. Nowadays, such results can be achieved at the comfort of your home, and microcurrent therapy is one of the most effective technologies for facial rejuvenation that you can use on your own. It only takes 5 minutes a day to look fresh and young!

What is microcurrent therapy?

Microcurrent therapy employs pulsed electric current to interact with the skin, resulting in a non-invasive rejuvenation method that is widely used to restore the health and beauty of facial skin without requiring surgery. Traditionally, this procedure could only be performed in beauty salons, but with modern portable devices, it is now possible to conduct it conveniently at home, according to your schedule.

With the help of the innovative AMREETA 3D microcurrent roller, you can achieve luxurious results in a short time: improve lymphatic drainage, normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands, remove pastosity and puffiness, tighten the skin, improve its color, quality and facial contour, reduce fine mimic wrinkles, … This is not all a list of results that microcurrent therapy will give you. In addition, the procedure is suitable for all skin types, and you will see the result immediately after the first procedure.

The technology of microcurrent therapy itself is over 60 years old. In 1991, German scientists Bert Sakman and Erwin Neher received the Nobel Prize in Physiology for studying the response of cell membranes to microcurrents. They found that the current causes the cells to exchange energy.

A 2003 study by the director of the Department of Pathology at the University of Washington, Emil Yi Chi, showed that microcurrent treatment of the skin increased blood circulation in its cells by 35 percent. For more on the effects of microcurrents on wrinkles, see a report published in Life Science in 2012. There are also studies confirming that microcurrent therapy relieves muscle pain not only after sports, but also of any other origin.

How it works?

The principle of operation of a microcurrent device is simple: ultra-low current amplitudes penetrate the skin and stimulate cell regeneration, the production of own collagen, and improve blood circulation. As a result, both visually and at the cellular level, the condition of the skin and face in general improves. The fact is that a pulsed electric current activates ion channels and improves metabolic processes in tissues. The amplitude of the electric current is ultra-low – from 10 to 600 μA, and the frequency – from 0.1 to 500 Hz.

What effect can be achieved with microcurrent therapy?

Proper and systematic microcurrent procedure will quickly and significantly improve the condition of the skin both visually and at the cellular level. Amrita will remove puffiness of the skin after the first application, help get rid of dull complexion and sagging skin, noticeably improve, tighten the contour of the face and other areas. In addition, regular microcurrent procedures help to smooth out small mimic wrinkles, fight atony and muscle hypertonicity. Your face will look more toned and younger without the use of such “heavy artillery” as Botox and fillers! Among the significant advantages of microcurrents is the absence of harm to the skin and the need for rehabilitation after the procedure. You can have a microcurrent treatment in the morning to look fresh and rested all day long!

10 Reasons Why You Should Have a Portable Microcurrent Device:

Procedures can be done at home. In this case, you will get the same result as from a cosmetic procedure performed by a cosmetologist;

The price of a microcurrent gadget is relatively low. The device is equal to the cost of 1 visit to a beautician, and you will use it for a long time and often;

The device is small, so it can easily fit in your purse and you can take it on a trip;

This is a painless procedure that will not bring any discomfort (except for a slight tingling);

Immediate results visible after the first treatment. In addition, microcurrent therapy has a cumulative effect, which means that your skin will look better and better;

The method is suitable for all skin types;

Microcurrent therapy will be effective regardless of age: at the age of 30 (as a preventive measure), and at 40, and at 60:

Impact not only on the epidermis, but also on the dermis and muscle tissue;

Can be combined with other cosmetic procedures;

Complex beneficial effect on the skin. Microcurrent therapy provides an instant lymphatic drainage and lifting effect, making your face look fresher, toned and rested.

What parts of the body can be treated?

Before starting the procedure, be sure to read the instructions. Also study the massage lines (include a photo of the massage lines), which you need to pass the device for the best result. Only after that proceed to the procedure of microcurrent therapy. Microcurrent procedures are performed on the following areas:

  • Forehead;
  • Between the eyebrows;
  • Nasolabial triangle;
  • The area around the eyes;
  • cheekbones;
  • Lower third of the face, including the chin;
  • Neck (excluding thyroid area);
  • Neckline;
  • Hands;
  • Legs;
  • Stomach;
  • Buttocks;
  • Contraindications.

Rejuvenation with microcurrents is safe. For a long time of use, this procedure has established itself as one of the most effective and safe. But still, even microcurrent therapy has some contraindications. Who is contraindicated for microcurrent therapy?

First of all, these are pregnant women, as well as women during lactation, people with cardiovascular diseases, oncology and epilepsy, severe acne. People with health problems should definitely consult a doctor before undergoing microcurrent therapy.

What else do you need to know about microcurrent therapy?

When conducting microcurrent therapy, it is mandatory to use a conductive gel or water-based serum.

Each person has their own individual level of resistance to electric current – the same level of intensity will be felt differently. When choosing the intensity level, you should not abuse the force of the device – just a feeling of soft comfortable tingling without visible muscle contractions. You should not feel any discomfort or other visual effects during the procedure.

Home portable microcurrent devices are no different from professional equipment in beauty salons. The only difference that does not affect the result is that portable devices are not intended for frequent mass commercial use. This device is individual and should be only for you. In all other respects, they are no worse if they meet all the necessary technical parameters.

All devices produced by PRAIMY undergo multiple technical quality control at each stage of production to ensure the maximum quality of the products produced.

So buy AMREETA with confidence and don’t worry about anything. All you need to do is read the instructions before use and follow the regularity. With regular and proper use, you will get fast, long-lasting and amazing results. Prolong youth with AMREETA from PRAIMY!

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