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Fight Dull Bumpy Skin
Increse Cleaning Effect
Prevent Ingrown Hairs
Remove Dead Skin Cells
Spray Tan Prep/Removal
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What exactly is this product

Body Wash Scrub Glove helps you deeply exfoliate and remove dirt, dead skin, and other pollutants from your skin. It removes bumps and dead skin cells using a brush to make it easier for your skin to absorb color while creating a more consistent tan finish. Use your glove repeatedly to increase the effectiveness of lotions, mousses, and self-tanning products. This body scrub glove can quickly clean skin dirt and oil when you sweat after exercising or when the skin is contaminated with dust, preventing skin problems caused by clogged pores and making you feel fresh and relaxed. It can be used with a body scrub and rubbed against the skin. You can also prepare for your tan by deep exfoliating gloves to achieve the effect of even skin tone, or you can use it with body oil after bathing. Praimy Body Wash Scrub Glove is ideal for anyone who loves silky smooth skin and is made for all skin types. You can easily exfoliate at home to get healthy-looking skin. With the Body Wash Scrub Glove, you're only one shower away from super smooth skin!

Why will you love it

  • Visibly removes dead skin cells
  • Softer and smoother skin
  • Fights dull, bumpy skin
  • Increases cleaning effect
  • Great for spray tan prep/removal
  • For most skin types
  • Prevents ingrown hair

How to Use