Vacuum Deep Cleaner with HD camera Hot and Cold

Sweep away blackheads, acne, and grease. The latest technology vacuum device with an HD camera provides deeply satisfying face cleanse without inflaming or traumatizing the skin. The Hot/Cold feature will help to open the pores completely before the cleaning and shrink them after the procedure.




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What makes it special?
How does it work
How to Use
What’s inside

Aesthetician Approved

Fully Certified

Safe and Natural

Satisfaction Guarantee

Scientifically proven technology

Beautiful Acne-Free Skin

Gentle but powerful vacuum application completely removes blackheads and acne in any area of the face. Lifts, firms, and oxygenates the skin in the process

Less Stress on The Skin

Very hygienic and safe to use. Vacuum technology with variable suction controls does not aggravate, redden or inflame the skin

Extremely Effective for Oily Skin

Dramatically reduces the treatment time, provides longer lasting effects, very hygienic and is completely inflammation/pain and stress free

Hot and Cold Compress

Opens the pores before the treatment, and closes them after the procedure. Superconvinient feature which enhances safety and

WI-FI HD Camera

This is a smart beauty tool. Completely iPhone and Android compatible, the built in camera allows for extreme closeups and very precise operation

Simple Everyday Use

Easy to follow everyday cleansing routine Improves blood circulation and skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles, shrinks enlarged pores, and soothes fine lines


— Wi-Fi HD camera
— IPhone / Android app
— 6 antibacterial food-grade silicone probe heads for various zones
— Variable suction controls
— Hot/Cold Application