NICY • Deep Cleansing Brush

This versatile tool, portable and brimming with innovative technologies, is like a magic pill for your face-care routine! Encased in a completely waterproof and ergonomic design, it is battery-powered for convenience and ease of use. It features three different settings of LED light technologies. Efficient in its purpose, the device skillfully removes dead skin cells and cosmetic residues, clears blackheads, aids in acne healing, and minimizes pore size. Through the use of EMS Microcurrent technology, it delivers gentle electrical pulses that work to tighten and refresh the skin, giving it a youthful appearance.

Additionally, the device's heat treatment feature warms the skin to open the pores, allowing for the removal of dirt, residue, oil, or other impurities. Complemented by its silicone construction, the device offers a thorough cleansing experience that is both effective and gentle on the skin. This all-in-one tool is designed to enhance your skincare routine, leaving your skin clean, smooth, and revitalized.




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