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Deep Skin Renewal with -ION/+ION Technology

When it comes to effective solutions in the realm of skincare, procedures based on current technologies are some of the most sought-after methods. These include powerhouse treatments like Microcurrent, EMS, and RF. However, we’re thrilled to bring your attention to another revolutionary facial care treatment – +ION/-ION. Commonly paired with these other technologies, +ION/-ION significantly enhances their benefits, delivering impressive results.

The -ION/+ION Advantage

At its heart, -ION/+ION is a groundbreaking physiotherapy treatment centered around the power of electrolysis. Through the application of low-voltage pulse currents, the technology delves deep into your skin, reaching up to 3mm. This depth of penetration is a stark contrast to home care products, which usually only affect the superficial layer of the skin the epidermis barely scratching the surface at a mere 1mm. This means the results you can achieve with -ION/+ION are truly next-level.

The ION Process: Cleansing and Nourishing in One Step

When the electric currents interact with your skin, they transform the molecules of the applied product into positive and negative ions. The preparation, once applied to your skin, splits into active +ION and -ION forms. This transition increases the molecules’ activity and flexibility.

Here’s where the magic happens. The +ION elements act as ‘carriers’, ferrying nutrients directly into your skin cells. Simultaneously, the -ION components take on the role of purifiers, extracting toxins and pollutants from your cells. This means that every session offers both deep cleansing and nourishing care for the top and middle layers of your skin.

Reaping the Rewards of +ION/-ION

So, what can you expect from this innovative procedure? With -ION/+ION, your skin cells experience:

  • Thorough cleansing from residual makeup and pollutants
  • A natural boost to regenerative processes
  • Enhanced benefits from your cosmetic and therapeutic agents
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Increased synthesis of collagen and elastin
  • Enhanced oxygen saturation of cells
  • Improved intracellular metabolic processes

These changes occur on a cellular level. But what about visible results? The -ION/+ION process visibly rejuvenates your skin, leaving it firmer, more rested, and with a healthy glow. It’s not uncommon for users to report that their skin looks years younger after treatment. And for even more dramatic results, combine your -ION/+ION treatments with RF-lifting, LED-therapy, EMS-stimulation, or vibration massage.

Before starting with your -ION/+ION device, ensure you’ve properly removed your makeup and applied a quality foam or gel cleanser. Turn on the device and gently move it along the massage lines of your face. Typically, this technology is used as an auxiliary procedure along with other main treatments. It serves as a thorough preparation of the skin for upcoming hardware procedures.

Remember, the -ION/+ION technique is not just for facial care it’s perfect for full body care too. The only difference is that the currents used for facial treatments are 5mA, while those for the body are up to 50mA. Be careful not to exceed the recommended level for facial therapy, as it may cause skin irritation.

Invest in portable skincare devices and discover how aging can become an opportunity to look even more attractive and youthful!


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