Clay mask GREEN TEA/ICE CREAM • Pure Detoxifying Organic Koaline Clay Mask

Experience the transformative power of organic kaolin clay with the GREEN TEA/ICE CREAM Clay Mask for the Face by Praimy. This potent detoxifier deep-cleanses, declogs pores, and renders your skin impeccably smooth and fresh. Crafted with certified organic, plant-based ingredients inspired by Green Tea, this mask is suitable for almost all skin types. Clay's natural propensity to extract impurities and absorb excess oils makes it an invaluable addition to skincare. Its inherent antimicrobial properties also make it a gentle exfoliant, proving beneficial for acne-prone skin. Rich in minerals, clay acts as a magnet, drawing out pollutants, oils, and toxins, absorbing impurities, and refining the skin to its natural radiance.




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