3 in 1 Combination Beauty Device

Ultimate anti-aging beauty tool with the THERMAGE effect.
Turn back the time and rejuvenate, tone and tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles, fade the acne scars, boost collagen, revitalize rosy and tender areas, boost cell energy, and reduce inflammation and oxidative stress


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What makes it special?
How does it work
How to Use
What’s inside

Aesthetician Approved

Fully Certified

Safe and Natural

Satisfaction Guarantee

Scientifically proven technology

Simple Everyday Use

Just 10 minutes a day easy to follow protocol
— RF conducts heat and stimulates collagen reconstruction
— LED red light repairs skin barrier, repairs micro circulation, repair and protections
— Ion conduction nutrition import revitalizes rosy and tender skin, builds elasticity

Visible Results

Start seeing results in 1 use, significant turnaround in 28 days, maximum results in 60 days of regular use

Great for Tender and Sensitive Skin

Safe and natural, ELEANOR is the only at-home RF treatment that produces results without surgery, injections, and other invasive procedures


The only at-home device delivering a THERMAGE effect. Great alternative to a costly course of spa facial massage or a professional procedure in a specialized med center

Anti-Aging Effect

Visibly reduce facial aging signs, especially in the stubborn areas:
— smooth the texture of the skin and reduce pore sizes
— fade the nasolabial folds
— reduce "crows feet" on the eyes
— reduce forehead lines
— bump the apple cheek muscle


— Large surface anti allergic dot matrix RF probe
— Cordless operation
— Ergonomic shape
— Easy to operate and clean