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Acne: why do they appear and how to avoid further development of this skin condition. 

It is a widespread belief that acne is a condition that only affects teenagers. However, this problem can occur at any age: from the very first days of life to adulthood and even during old age. Acne is a skin condition associated with inflammation and irregularities in the way sebaceous glands work. Normally, these glands secrete about 20 grams of sebum in a day, but for various reasons, this amount can increase, which leads to the expansion of pores and acne formation. Most often, acne appears on the face, but it is not unusual to notice these pesky zits on the back, chest or shoulders, basically any body part with a large number of sebaceous glands.

Acne is not only one of the most common skin concerns, but it is also one of the most common causes of low self-esteem, complexes and even depression. Fortunately, this problem can be avoided, and we will let you know just how you can do this with PRAIMY.

What causes acne?

One of possible acne causes is hormonal imbalance, which is why this problem occurs so frequently during adolescence, pregnancy and lactation. But hormonal imbalance is not the only cause of acne. Often the condition can develop as a result of improper or incorrectly selected skin care. If the body secretes an excessive amount of subcutaneous fat, you need adequate skincare. Using wrong products or not using any can easily provoke acne.

Other reasons for the appearance of pimples may include: malnutrition, climate change, stress, menstrual cycle, and illness – especially after using certain medications. In this case, it is necessary not only to stabilize the conditions, but also to strengthen skin care: for example, use non-comedogenic cosmetics and devices for deeper facial skin cleansing.

How to prevent acne?

The main indicators that suggest possible likelihood of acne occurrence are: comedones, enlarged pores, excessive oiliness or dryness of the skin and red inflamed spots.

Cleansing gel, foam, micellar water and other cleansing products might not be powerful enough to remove all impurities in this case . Deep in the pores, particles of cosmetics, dirt and sebum remain, which causes acne appearance. You can give your skin deep cleaning, remove all impurities and protect the skin from further irritation with the help of PRAIMY beauty devices that normalize the skin condition  and prevent similar skin concerns.

BLAST 5 in 1 Face Lift combination device will help you cleanse the skin of impurities and improve overall skin condition and appearance, thanks to multiple modes and technologies. Add a cotton pad on the device, and see how your previously cleansed skin leaves a dirty residue on the cotton pad. This will convince you that conventional care products are not effective enough. While they cleanse the skin surface, cosmetics, dust, dirt and dead skin particles remain in the deeper layers of the dermis – and this greatly increases the risk of acne.

If you still have a few pimples after making sure your skin gets the deep cleansing it deserves, we suggest you use a little trick and make sure you look attractive with our special ACNE REMOVAL patches.

Our High Frequency Skin Therapy Device MIRACLE WAND with HF technology is another truly magical tool for treating acne affected skin. A high-frequency electrical release of very low current creates an ozone layer between the skin and the electrode, resulting in deep cleansing, disinfecting and soothing the skin. Ozone is a powerful disinfectant that destroys known pollutants such as viruses, bacteria and fungi. Moreover, this device helps skin deal with acne, excessive oiliness, helps lighten age spots and acne scars, and it can significantly speed up the healing and regeneration of your skin after the removal of papillomas or warts. MIRACLE WAND will perfectly help you cope with the unpleasantness of period acne. Simply start using the device 5-7 days before the start of the period and you will be surprised how effective is this tool when it comes to protecting your skin from acne. All you need to do is choose the right nozzle and regularly use this device.

An equally effective device to help avoid pesky zits is the Vacuum Black Head Removal Device CULT and the even more powerful Vacuum Deep Cleaner with HD camera Hot and Cold FAVEOLA. They vigorously cleanse the skin, allowing you to get rid of blackheads and clogged pores preventing the acne from forming in the first place. It is important to notice that you can do skin cleansing with these devices at the comfort of your own home at a time that is convenient for you with the same results as if you had a professional extraction treatment done in the salon. Of course, regular skin care and the right products will help you avoid a lot of skin problems in the future.

BLOOM device has 45 LED elements to help you fight acne with the power of natural light waves. Blue LED light with a long light wave of 465 NM effectively penetrates deep into the skin and promotes deep cleansing, reducing the pore size, and stabilizing the level of sebum. This mode is suitable even for sensitive skin, and the use of the device does not cause any side effects. It is important however, to use the device according to the instructions mentioned in the user manual.

PRAIMY selection includes many other portable acne devices. You can see the entire range of our wonderful electronic assistants in the Acne section. There are devices em[loy different technologies such as LED, Microcurrency, Highfrequency, Vacuum, Ion Therapy, EMS, Ultrasonic, Hot / Cold, etc. Each device has a description, characteristics and photos, which you can review by clicking on the name of the device.

Remember that any skin condition is easier to prevent than to treat. Treatment of Severe acne is a complex long-term process, and sometimes it requires professional medical assistance. In this case, we highly recommend not to delay this, but to seek the help of an experienced  dermatologist before starting to use any device to avoid the unwanted effect of worsening your skin condition.

Do you have any additional questions or need help choosing the best device for your needs? Write to us via chat and we will help you choose as soon as possible. These powerful home use devices are popular all over the world, even though they are fairly new to the cosmetology market relatively recently. However, easy and safe use, affordable price and high efficiency have made them popular gadgets among those who take special care of their skin. Join the ranks of those who have become more beautiful and happier thanks to our beauty gadgets!

PRAIMY is your best friend on the way to healthy and beautiful skin!

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