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What is LED therapy and why is it so popular?

It is a common misconception that expensive salon treatments are the only way to achieve healthy and attractive skin! The field of cosmetology is constantly evolving, and every woman can now achieve a great appearance from the comfort of her home without spending a lot of money on cosmetologists. LED therapy is among the most popular self-administered cosmetic procedures that you can undertake. Simply select the appropriate color and adhere to the recommended frequency, and you’ll notice a difference in your appearance in just a few weeks!

What is LED Therapy?

LED therapy is a cosmetic procedure with a photochemical nature that involves using light of various colors. This technology employs narrow-band non-thermal energy emitted from the LED, interacting at the cellular and subcellular level without significantly heating the skin, even with prolonged use of the device.

The primary colors of LED devices include red, green, blue, and yellow, each with its own wavelength and unique benefits:

  • Red light is used to combat aging by reducing wrinkles, promoting cell regeneration, and increasing blood circulation. It can be used as a standalone procedure or as a complementary treatment after other skin treatments that can damage the skin. It can also reduce pain and accelerate the healing process after aggressive cosmetic procedures.
  • Green light helps to soothe the skin, restore the protective barrier, and combat pigmentation issues. The green LED interacts with melanin to regulate melanogenesis, making freckles and larger spots less visible over time.
  • Blue light has powerful antibacterial properties, making it a popular choice for treating acne. It creates an environment that is unsuitable for the existence and reproduction of bacteria, and it can also help to shrink pores and promote rapid healing of inflammation.
  • Yellow light helps to soothe the skin, reduce puffiness, and improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. It can be used as a standalone procedure or as a post-treatment care method to combat swelling after procedures like laser treatments or peels. LED therapy with yellow light can contribute to easier and faster rehabilitation.

What results can be achieved with LED therapy?

LED devices are easy and comfortable to use at home, and can help achieve anti-aging effects. They also improve skin regeneration, help in the fight against acne and comedones, help to lighten the skin and fight pigmentation, including freckles. LED devices improve microcirculation, help to narrow pores, as well as activate the synthesis of elastin and collagen.

In addition to cosmetology, LED therapy is also popular in trichology as LED devices are used for alopecia. Light penetrates deep into the skin and effectively fights the problem at the subcellular level.

Thanks to the wide range of actions that portable LED devices offer, you can achieve wonderful results and get healthy, radiant skin! The most important thing is that you do not have to spend a lot of time and money visiting a beautician because, with the help of modern devices, you can do this procedure yourself at home. An LED device is a great investment in the beauty and health of your skin! With beautiful skin, you will gain even more confidence and love for yourself!

Reasons why you should opt for LED therapy

LED therapy is an incredibly effective technology, as demonstrated by numerous studies conducted by scientists from all over the world, as well as the results that clients achieve, particularly Praimy clients.

It is also affordable, with the cost of one LED device being equivalent to one visit to a beautician! Moreover, the results from LED therapy at home are just as good as those achieved through salon procedures.

Using a portable LED device is painless. All you will experience during the procedure is a slight warmth, with no pain or discomfort.

LED treatments can be used as either standalone or complementary facial treatments.

During one procedure, you can combine different colors of LEDs. You can start with red, move on to blue, and finish with yellow or green. This feature allows you to comprehensively address various skin problems.

Who is LED therapy for?

LED therapy is suitable for everyone, but it is especially beneficial for those who prioritize the health and quality of their skin. It is a gentle and safe procedure that does not cause any harm and is suitable for all skin types. LED therapy can be particularly helpful for individuals who experience:

  • Acne
  • Freckles and pigmentation
  • Hair loss (alopecia) after aggressive cosmetic procedures.


LED technology is generally considered safe, with no specific contraindications. However, pregnant and lactating women, as well as individuals with a history of cancer or heart problems, might want to avoid the procedure. If you have any health concerns or medical conditions, it is always advisable to consult your doctor before beginning a course of LED therapy.

What else do you need to know about LED technology?

Despite the fact that LED therapy has appeared on the modern beauty market relatively recently, it has quickly become one of the most sought-after cosmetic technologies. The technology is popular among both young and older generations because it deals with problems of different types and levels of complexity.

To achieve the most effective results, the LED device should interact with the skin at a short distance for at least 10 minutes. The procedure is recommended 1-2 times a week for 4-6 months. After that, one procedure per month is enough for prevention. You will see the first results from light therapy after one or two treatments. LED therapy has a cumulative effect, meaning that each time you use it, your skin will improve. After the end of the course, subject to regular and proper use, you will achieve healthy, radiant skin!

Important! Avoid getting the light into your eyes. Use special glasses if they come with the device (depending on the device). Be sure to read the instructions before use to help you use the LED device correctly and achieve maximum results.

Now, you can get glowing, firm skin at home! All you need to do is choose a device and use it regularly. We have taken care of everything else, repeatedly checking the quality at each stage of production, so that the use of devices is of the highest quality and productivity.

Look young, regardless of age, with Praimy LED devices!

RF-therapy: technique, benefits and effectiveness

RF-therapy is an innovative method of rejuvenating the skin. Electromagnetic energy is used to deeply warm the skin and activate processes responsible for beauty and health. The RF device can be your magic wand, minimizing wrinkles, tightening the skin, evening out skin tone, and giving a healthy glow. Best of all, it can be used at home at any time that is convenient for you!

But what exactly is RF technology? Radio Frequency Therapy (RF) is a non-invasive machine procedure used to tighten the skin of the face and body without surgery. The principle of radiofrequency therapy is based on diathermy, which involves deep heating of tissues using high-frequency currents.

Despite the diathermy method being used in medicine and cosmetology for over 100 years, RF therapy has only recently appeared on the market. However, its high efficiency has made the RF lifting procedure popular and in demand worldwide.

Initially, this method was only available in aesthetic centers and beauty salons. But with the development of modern technology, anyone can now perform the radiofrequency therapy procedure at home. All it takes is adding 10 minutes twice a week for the RF procedure at home, and you will achieve the same results as you would with a specialist in a salon. Additionally, you will save valuable time and, of course, money.

RF Therapy can help you:

  • Improve facial muscle tone
  • Enhance facial contour (V-shape)
  • Activate collagen and elastin synthesis, resulting in more elastic and supple skin
  • Smooth fine and deeper wrinkles
  • Reduce puffiness
  • Even out skin tone and complexion
  • Visibly rejuvenates the skin

How does it work?

High-frequency currents target the dermis (collagen-elastin frame of the face) and hypodermis (subcutaneous fat), while avoiding the epidermis. The skin is intensively and evenly warmed up (from 40 to 60 degrees to a depth of 3 cm), leading to improved lymph circulation and blood flow, activated metabolism, and resumed work of fibroblasts (precursors of collagen and elastin proteins). These changes at the cellular and subcellular level contribute to the smoothing of wrinkles, particularly nasolabial folds and crow’s feet, facial skin tightening, and the reduction of puffiness and bags under the eyes.

After the first procedure, you will notice that your face has a healthy glow, is more toned, and has reduced swelling and tiredness. For better penetration of the radio waves and faster and more visible results, it is important to use a water-based contact gel during the procedure. The procedure is not painful, and you will only feel heat from the device.

Indications for RF therapy

RF therapy is a safe cosmetic procedure that is suitable for all skin types and is relevant for individuals over 25 years old. At a young age, radiofrequency procedures are recommended as a preventative measure for aging and to eliminate minor defects on the face, such as expression wrinkles, dull skin, and a tired look. For individuals over 40, the device can provide an excellent anti-aging effect.

RF therapy may be beneficial for you if you have:

  • Wrinkles or fine lines on the face
  • Sagging or loose skin
  • Loss of skin elasticity
  • Uneven skin tone
  • The appearance of bags or puffiness under the eyes

If you have any of these concerns and wish to improve the appearance of your skin, RF therapy is a great option for you. It is always recommended to consult with a licensed healthcare professional or a qualified cosmetologist to determine if RF therapy is right for you.

The modern RF devices can effectively address the skin concerns mentioned above without causing harm to the skin or the body. However, there are still several contraindications to the use of this technology. For example, pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding should refrain from the procedure. Additionally, individuals with certain health conditions or medical devices such as pacemakers should consult their doctor before undergoing RF therapy.

Other contraindications may include:

  • Active skin infections, such as cold sores or acne
  • Recent skin treatments or procedures, such as chemical peels or laser therapy
  • Skin conditions, such as eczema or psoriasis, that may be aggravated by the procedure

Therefore, it is always recommended to consult with a licensed healthcare professional or a qualified cosmetologist before undergoing RF therapy to determine if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.

Despite the fact that RF therapy has a cumulative effect, you will see the first noticeable results after the first procedure. It will be possible to evaluate the full result after the end of the course.

It is recommended to do the procedure for 10 minutes once a week. The total number of procedures depends on age, problems and condition and skin. Usually the course consists of 4-8 sessions.

Why Start RF Therapy?

Radio frequency technology is non-invasive. It does not leave scars, scars and other side effects. All that can be – a slight reddening of the skin, which will soon pass on its own. There is no need for a recovery period after the procedure;

The procedure does not require special preparation. Also, to use the device, you do not need deep knowledge in the field of cosmetology. The RF device is easy to use. Everyone will deal with it, the main thing is to carefully read the instructions before use. This type of therapy is universal, because it is suitable for all skin types. It can also be done at any time of the year;

The portable RF device is not only easy to use, but also ergonomic. It is convenient to take it with you on the road and use it in almost any conditions;

You will see the result from radio frequency waves immediately after the first use of the device. The full course will provide a bright prolonged result that will not leave you indifferent to RF therapy technology; Radiofrequency lifting can be carried out not only for the face, but also for other areas of the skin: neck, arms, abdomen, hips.

Features of RF devices you need to know about

Priamy RF devices go through a rigorous multi-stage test before they reach your hands. Quality is our priority, so we make sure that all devices work perfectly, without interruptions.

There are several types of RF therapy devices. Usually, they have 3 power levels. But the settings and conditions for using different devices may differ slightly, so carefully read the instructions and description for each device. In addition, some devices are multifunctional and can combine RF with LED, microcurrent therapy or other technologies.

Stay young and beautiful with Praimy! Thank you for your trust!

EMS Facial Therapy: what is the technology used and other frequently asked questions.

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is a technology used in cosmetology to effectively rejuvenate the skin. It is commonly referred to as “facial fitness” since it employs micro currents to stimulate muscle contractions and “train” the facial muscles. This approach yields outcomes that resemble those achieved through fitness training: the muscle becomes firm, supple, and appears revitalized. However, unlike body fitness, EMS produces immediate results and the effect on your face can be seen after the first session, which only lasts for 5 minutes.

How does it work?

EMS devices operate by employing electrical impulses to engage with muscles. The electrodes transmit a signal to the nerve endings, which then penetrates the deep layers of muscle and triggers muscle contractions. This process actively stimulates the muscles and enhances blood circulation, resulting in healthier-looking skin, reduced wrinkles, and minimized puffiness.

EMS therapy used in facial treatments has additional benefits, such as relaxing and toning the masticatory muscles, lifting the face and neck, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, and enhancing skin elasticity. Therefore, if you wish to attain healthy, radiant skin and a smooth V-shaped facial contour, electrical myostimulation is the way to go. The best thing about it is that you can achieve excellent outcomes even at home simply by using Praimy portable devices. The effectiveness of Praimy EMS devices is similar to the ones used in professional treatments, but the cost is significantly lower, and the use is simplified.

EMS technology has gained popularity among people seeking to maintain a youthful appearance and enhance the condition of their body. This therapy has been employed for muscle building in sports, for patient rehabilitation in medical therapy, and for obtaining healthy and toned skin in cosmetology.

What effect can you expect from EMS therapy?

Consistent usage of an EMS device yields several beneficial effects on the skin, such as:

  • Diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by facial expressions
  • Improving blood and lymphatic microcirculation, resulting in a nourished and radiant        complexion
  • Activating the production of collagen and elastin, contributing to increased skin firmness and elasticity
  • Enhancing the absorption of skincare products into the deeper layers of the skin
  • Effectively reducing puffiness and stimulating lymphatic drainage
  • Noticeably improving facial contours
  • Increasing muscle tone
  • Accelerating skin regeneration processes.

In addition, EMS technology can serve as an alternative to Botox and fillers. Visually, you will notice an improvement in the muscular structure, resulting in a more toned and revitalized appearance. EMS has a cumulative effect, and if used consistently, the outcome will be long-lasting. Furthermore, it is an exceptional technology for preventing premature aging, particularly for younger users.

It is crucial, however, to choose the appropriate intensity when using this technology as sensitivity and resistance to electrical impulses vary among individuals. Make sure to adjust the intensity based on your own comfort level. If you feel that the device is excessively impacting your muscles and causing discomfort, reduce the intensity. Begin with a low intensity and gradually increase it as you become more comfortable, similar to fitness training. Additionally, do not forget to use a water-based activating gel or serum, as this is necessary for EMS therapy.

What’s the difference between myostimulation and microcurrent therapy?

Microcurrent therapy and electrical muscle stimulation are two equipment-based procedures that share a similar principle. EMS devices are a type of microcurrent therapy that operates using low-frequency currents. Despite this, there are significant differences between the two therapies that you should consider before choosing which one to go with.

Microcurrents work directly with the skin, whereas EMS targets the muscles. With microcurrent therapy, the muscles do not contract, whereas EMS specifically targets the muscle layer, resulting in muscle contractions.

Is the treatment painful?

Absolutely not! EMS therapy does not cause any pain. On the contrary, using a home EMS device can provide a comfortable and pleasant massage sensation. It is a non-invasive, painless, and highly effective method for achieving a more youthful appearance in just a few sessions.

Home-based electromyostimulation procedures offer an excellent way to combine relaxation with cosmetic improvements. While you rest and receive a gentle massage, you will observe noticeable changes and improvements in your skin.

Important points to mention

While different EMS devices may have visual differences, they operate on the same principle. It’s crucial to carefully read the instructions before using the device to ensure it’s used properly and safely. While you may see results after just one session, it’s important to complete a full course of therapy to achieve long-lasting and high-quality results. The duration of the course may vary depending on individual skin condition and goals, but typically it ranges between 10 to 20 sessions. Each procedure typically lasts from 5 to 10 minutes, with sessions every 2-3 days. EMS therapy can be combined with other technologies such as LED, Radiofrequency, Heat/Cold, Vibration.

Why buy an EMS device?

First, it’s profitable. The cost of the EMS device is equal to one electromyostimulation treatment in the salon. It is important to note that EMS device for home use is no different from a salon one. Home devices are easier and more convenient to use while offering the same effect kuje the professional ones. Having an EMS device at home means that you can do the procedure at a time that is convenient for you: in the morning, just before bed, or at any time in between. If you are planning a vacation or a business trip, there will be no need to interrupt the course, because the device is small, ergonomic and convenient to take with you on the road.

And of course is you have any questions about our devices, expert advice is just one chat away! We can help you make an informed choice and get the most out of your device.

With love, Praimy team!

Vacuum face cleaning: advantages and features of technology

Modern people, especially residents of megacities, should pay special attention to skin cleansing. Dust, dirt, toxins mixed with makeup and sebum gradually clog pores. In this case, home care in the form of creams, foams and gels will not be enough. Therefore, vacuum hardware cleaning is your best friend in facial care. The device will help in the fight against comedones, clogged pores and flaky skin. This will greatly improve the visual appearance of the skin of the face and add love and confidence to yourself!

About technology.

Cleansing of the face with a vacuum apparatus occurs thanks to a special drainage tube that sticks to the skin and thus removes impurities from the pores. This method can be compared to the work of a vacuum cleaner, which can get debris even in hard-to-reach places.

Vacuum hardware cleaning is one of the most popular and affordable technologies, known for its high efficiency, affordable price and comfortable application conditions. The vacuum cleaning procedure is painless, even pleasant. All you will feel is light massage movements of the device. At the same time, the efficiency of the device is pleasantly surprising and after the first session, the skin will become cleaner, toned, fresh and healthy in appearance.

PRAIMY offers 2 devices for vacuum face cleaning:

CULT Vacuum Black Head Removal Device has 4 attachments to deal with different skin problems, a convenient case and supports multiple levels of intensity, which allows you to choose the most suitable for your skin type. CULT has a simple, user-friendly control panel;

FAVEOLA Vacuum Deep Cleaner with HD Camera Hot and Cold. A feature of this device is the presence of an HD camera and 6 nozzles for various modes of using the device. By connecting the device to the phone, you can observe the interaction of the device with the skin on the screen of your smartphone. Also, the device supports Hot / Cold technology, which helps to quickly and effectively prepare the skin for cleaning (Hot mode) and helps to narrow the pores after the session (Cold mode).

How is the vacuum cleaning procedure performed?

The vacuum cleaning procedure consists of several stages. Each of the steps is mandatory, so it is very important to do everything in a complex.

Makeup removal. Cleanse the skin of cosmetics, use a gel or foam for deep facial cleansing;

Preparation. There are 2 options for preparing for vacuum cleaning:

Open your pores or loosen them with Conducting Gel GLOW ROSE. For best results, cover your face with a disposable polyethylene mask or you can use the PRAIMY Silicone Mask. Leave the gel mask on your face for 10-15 minutes, then remove it from your face.

Use Hot/Cold technology if your device has it. To open the pores, warm the face with the device in Hot mode for 3-5 minutes.

Cleaning with the machine. Turn on the device, select the mode that is comfortable for you and move it along the massage lines of the face, according to the instructions. Do the procedure no more than 5 minutes;

After cleansing, apply Clay Mask for 15 minutes. It will shrink pores and improve skin condition, or use the COLD mode on the FAVEOLA device and do a light massage for 3-5 minutes.

Apply your usual skin care products.

*Before using the device, we recommend that you carefully read the instructions.

To whom is cleaning with the help of a Vacuum device indicated?

Vacuum cleaning is a safe and painless procedure that will not harm your skin. This cleansing is suitable for all skin types, but, first of all, it is shown to those who have:

  • Comedones and blackheads;
  • Hyperkeratosis (thickening of the stratum corneum);
  • Sebaceous plugs;
  • Zhiroviki.

You should not do the procedure if you have wounds or acne in the acute phase on your face. In such a situation, cleaning will do more harm than good. Also, if you have health problems, we recommend that you consult a doctor.

What are the results of vacuum cleaning?

Already after the first session, you will notice that the face will become much cleaner and more well-groomed. But to keep this effect on a permanent basis, do the procedure regularly (but not more than 2 times a month).

How will the skin change after hardware vacuum cleaning at home:

Pores are deeply cleansed;

Oily sheen is reduced;

Aligns the color and tone of the face;

If you have deep pore pollution, use this device in combination with a Ultrasonic Skin scrubber. This will help clean your pores even deeper and more thoroughly.

Benefits of a Portable Vacuum Device

Still not sure if you need this device? Then here are 5 reasons why you should buy it:

Vacuum face cleaning device eliminates the penetration of bacteria into the skin, it is absolutely safe;

The control of a portable vacuum apparatus is simple, everyone will understand the settings;

Buying this device will cost much less than procedures at a beautician. At the same time, the efficiency of the device for home use is in no way inferior to professional devices;

The device has a convenient size and a special travel case, so it is convenient to take it with you on the road;

And finally, you no longer have to adjust to the beautician’s schedules and spend money on this procedure. After all, a quality device will be in your home, and you can use it whenever you want!

Microcurrent therapy: all you need to know about the procedure

Do you think that after you turn 30, having beautiful and elastic skin without wrinkles is just a dream? Modern cosmetology dispels this stereotype and proves that it’s possible! Moreover, achieving healthy and radiant skin no longer requires spending time and money on visits to a salon. Nowadays, such results can be achieved at the comfort of your home, and microcurrent therapy is one of the most effective technologies for facial rejuvenation that you can use on your own. It only takes 5 minutes a day to look fresh and young!

What is microcurrent therapy?

Microcurrent therapy employs pulsed electric current to interact with the skin, resulting in a non-invasive rejuvenation method that is widely used to restore the health and beauty of facial skin without requiring surgery. Traditionally, this procedure could only be performed in beauty salons, but with modern portable devices, it is now possible to conduct it conveniently at home, according to your schedule.

With the help of the innovative AMREETA 3D microcurrent roller, you can achieve luxurious results in a short time: improve lymphatic drainage, normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands, remove pastosity and puffiness, tighten the skin, improve its color, quality and facial contour, reduce fine mimic wrinkles, … This is not all a list of results that microcurrent therapy will give you. In addition, the procedure is suitable for all skin types, and you will see the result immediately after the first procedure.

The technology of microcurrent therapy itself is over 60 years old. In 1991, German scientists Bert Sakman and Erwin Neher received the Nobel Prize in Physiology for studying the response of cell membranes to microcurrents. They found that the current causes the cells to exchange energy.

A 2003 study by the director of the Department of Pathology at the University of Washington, Emil Yi Chi, showed that microcurrent treatment of the skin increased blood circulation in its cells by 35 percent. For more on the effects of microcurrents on wrinkles, see a report published in Life Science in 2012. There are also studies confirming that microcurrent therapy relieves muscle pain not only after sports, but also of any other origin.

How it works?

The principle of operation of a microcurrent device is simple: ultra-low current amplitudes penetrate the skin and stimulate cell regeneration, the production of own collagen, and improve blood circulation. As a result, both visually and at the cellular level, the condition of the skin and face in general improves. The fact is that a pulsed electric current activates ion channels and improves metabolic processes in tissues. The amplitude of the electric current is ultra-low – from 10 to 600 μA, and the frequency – from 0.1 to 500 Hz.

What effect can be achieved with microcurrent therapy?

Proper and systematic microcurrent procedure will quickly and significantly improve the condition of the skin both visually and at the cellular level. Amrita will remove puffiness of the skin after the first application, help get rid of dull complexion and sagging skin, noticeably improve, tighten the contour of the face and other areas. In addition, regular microcurrent procedures help to smooth out small mimic wrinkles, fight atony and muscle hypertonicity. Your face will look more toned and younger without the use of such “heavy artillery” as Botox and fillers! Among the significant advantages of microcurrents is the absence of harm to the skin and the need for rehabilitation after the procedure. You can have a microcurrent treatment in the morning to look fresh and rested all day long!

10 Reasons Why You Should Have a Portable Microcurrent Device:

Procedures can be done at home. In this case, you will get the same result as from a cosmetic procedure performed by a cosmetologist;

The price of a microcurrent gadget is relatively low. The device is equal to the cost of 1 visit to a beautician, and you will use it for a long time and often;

The device is small, so it can easily fit in your purse and you can take it on a trip;

This is a painless procedure that will not bring any discomfort (except for a slight tingling);

Immediate results visible after the first treatment. In addition, microcurrent therapy has a cumulative effect, which means that your skin will look better and better;

The method is suitable for all skin types;

Microcurrent therapy will be effective regardless of age: at the age of 30 (as a preventive measure), and at 40, and at 60:

Impact not only on the epidermis, but also on the dermis and muscle tissue;

Can be combined with other cosmetic procedures;

Complex beneficial effect on the skin. Microcurrent therapy provides an instant lymphatic drainage and lifting effect, making your face look fresher, toned and rested.

What parts of the body can be treated?

Before starting the procedure, be sure to read the instructions. Also study the massage lines (include a photo of the massage lines), which you need to pass the device for the best result. Only after that proceed to the procedure of microcurrent therapy. Microcurrent procedures are performed on the following areas:

  • Forehead;
  • Between the eyebrows;
  • Nasolabial triangle;
  • The area around the eyes;
  • cheekbones;
  • Lower third of the face, including the chin;
  • Neck (excluding thyroid area);
  • Neckline;
  • Hands;
  • Legs;
  • Stomach;
  • Buttocks;
  • Contraindications.

Rejuvenation with microcurrents is safe. For a long time of use, this procedure has established itself as one of the most effective and safe. But still, even microcurrent therapy has some contraindications. Who is contraindicated for microcurrent therapy?

First of all, these are pregnant women, as well as women during lactation, people with cardiovascular diseases, oncology and epilepsy, severe acne. People with health problems should definitely consult a doctor before undergoing microcurrent therapy.

What else do you need to know about microcurrent therapy?

When conducting microcurrent therapy, it is mandatory to use a conductive gel or water-based serum.

Each person has their own individual level of resistance to electric current – the same level of intensity will be felt differently. When choosing the intensity level, you should not abuse the force of the device – just a feeling of soft comfortable tingling without visible muscle contractions. You should not feel any discomfort or other visual effects during the procedure.

Home portable microcurrent devices are no different from professional equipment in beauty salons. The only difference that does not affect the result is that portable devices are not intended for frequent mass commercial use. This device is individual and should be only for you. In all other respects, they are no worse if they meet all the necessary technical parameters.

All devices produced by PRAIMY undergo multiple technical quality control at each stage of production to ensure the maximum quality of the products produced.

So buy AMREETA with confidence and don’t worry about anything. All you need to do is read the instructions before use and follow the regularity. With regular and proper use, you will get fast, long-lasting and amazing results. Prolong youth with AMREETA from PRAIMY!

All you need to know about Ultrasonic technology

Surely, you are already familiar with Ultrasonic technology, because it is one of the most popular and effective facial therapies. With this technique, you can achieve clean, fresh, well-groomed skin without comedones and blackheads (blackhead). And you can get such a result not only in the beautician’s office, but also at home, with the help of a modern Ultrasonic device from PRAIMY.

Ultrasonic – what is it?

This is a technology designed for deep ultrasonic facial cleansing. The method helps to cleanse the skin of “garbage” in the form of clogged pores, small comedones, blackheads, deposited fatty secretions and dead epidermal cells. Thanks to this effect, the skin becomes soft, tender and more youthful in appearance. The skin coating is evened out, becoming cleaner, well-groomed and healthy.

Previously, the ultrasonic cleaning procedure was available only in beauty salons. But now everyone can use the portable Ultrasonic device. Affordable price and clinically proven effectiveness make this device a top choice for hardware skin care at home.

There are different types of Ultrasonic devices. Some of them combine several types of technologies in one device. PRAIMY offers 2 of the most popular and effective ultrasonic skin cleansing devices: Multifunctional Premium Skin Scrubber (with RF technology) and Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber (with +ION/-ION technology).

How it works?

The principle of operation of ultrasonic scrubbers is very simple. Devices emit ultrasonic waves with a frequency of 25000-28000 Hz, which contribute to such a deep and thorough cleansing of the skin of the face. Ultrasonic vibrations of high frequency penetrate into the surface layer of the skin and cleanse it.

An important condition for the use of ultrasonic cleaning devices is the correct preparation of the skin for the procedure. First, be sure to open the pores or loosen them, including with the help of a special GLOW ROSE Conducting Gel from PRAIMY, and only then clean with a scrubber. If you do everything right, the device will easily and painlessly remove the keratinized epidermis from the skin. You will literally immediately after the procedure see how the relief has leveled off, and you will also feel how the skin begins to “breathe”.

About the procedure

The procedure of Ultrasonic-cleansing of the skin consists of 3 stages: preparation, cleaning and care. The duration of cleaning with the help of the device does not exceed 5 minutes. The total duration of a session of 3 stages is about 45 minutes. It is important to do the procedure comprehensively and in stages:

Open or loosen your pores. To do this, apply GLOW ROSE Conducting Gel to the skin and put on a special film or Silicone Mask on your face. Leave the mask on your face for 20 minutes to soften your pores.

Then remove the mask from your face and, without washing off the gel, clean the skin with an Ultrasonic device. Tilt the spatula at a 45-degree angle, pressing lightly on the skin and move the scrubber along the face (from bottom to top). Do it slowly, without strong pressure, because all the “garbage” is cleared precisely thanks to ultrasound, and not pressure force. Session time – up to 5 minutes.

After cleaning with a scrubber, be sure to disinfect the skin and do not forget about toning;

Finish off with the Clay Mask, which will shrink your pores by leaving it on the skin for 20 minutes;

And finally, apply a care cream or Anti-Aging Hydration Serum LOTUS BLOOM to moisturize or nourish the skin of the face.

The frequency of ultrasonic cleaning depends on the type of skin. Do the procedure as needed, but no more than once every 2 weeks.

What are the results of therapy?

Ultrasonic technology, in addition to deep cleansing, helps to activate cell metabolism and improve blood circulation. The technology also has such an effect on the skin:

  • Promotes the disappearance of black and white dots (blackhead), comedones and blackheads;
  • Exfoliates the upper and keratinized particles of the skin;
  • Narrows the ducts of the sebaceous glands, improves their work;
  • Helps to even out the skin texture;
  • Makes the skin fresher and more elastic;
  • Improves cell nutrition;

Promotes regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin.

The effect will be noticeable immediately after the first procedure. But in order for the result to be prolonged, it is necessary to do ultrasonic cleaning regularly.

It is worth noting that the procedure is painless, because the skin is not amenable to mechanical stress. The main thing is to do everything in stages and carefully study the instructions before use.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Devices for Home Use

Devices for home use with Ultrasonic technology – portable and comfortable to use;

Multiple modes available. Standard modes: continuous and pulsed. The first performs the function of peeling, and the second – massage;

The device has a comfortable shape and light weight. This makes the use of an ultrasonic scrubber convenient even for a long session;

Ultrasonic technology can be combined with LED, RF, microcurrent and other therapies. For example, Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber additionally has +ION / -ION technology, and Multifunctional Premium Skin Scrubber has 5 modes, including RF and LED.

What else do you need to know about ultrasonic?

Cleaning with ultrasonic scrubbers is a simple procedure that almost anyone can do at home on their own. But at the same time, some important nuances must be taken into account. For example, face scrubbing with an Ultrasonic device should be done after preparing the skin with a special water gel to loosen and soften the skin pores.

In no case do not perform the procedure on dry skin. Be sure to use a serum or a special water-based gel. And do not forget about soothing masks and additional care after ultrasonic cleaning. This is the only way to achieve the desired result.

Despite the fact that the procedure is suitable for all skin types and does not carry health risks, pregnant women and women during lactation should avoid ultrasonic scrubbing. Also, if you have health problems, it is recommended to consult your doctor.

Feel all the benefits of Ultrasonic technology with a certified device from PRAIMY! Now beauty and youth are completely in your hands!

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) – therapy for long-term hair removal 

Smooth, radiant skin without unwanted excess hair is the dream of millions of women and men around the world. If you also want to achieve this effect, but are tired of spending money and time on professional hair removal and depilation, which doesn’t always bring the desired result, we have good news for you! There is another way to achieve this, that is much more efficient and cost effective. You can get rid of unwanted hair for a long period in the comfort of your own home using an innovative device with IPL technology. In just 3 treatments, the amount of excess hair can decrease by 90%, and your skin can become smooth, without signs of irritation and ingrown hair! Sounds like a dream come true! 

What is Intense Pulse Light therapy?

IPL device uses Intense Pulse Light technology for permanent hair removal at home. IPL is a technology that provides long-term hair removal using intense light pulses. They affect the color pigment in the hair follicle and put it into a deep sleep state. As a result, the hair stops growing, and you get smooth skin without unwanted hair.

Clinically proven IPL technology guarantees effective, safe and painless photoepilation on the following areas of the body:

  • Face
  • Stomach
  • Hands (and fingers)
  • Legs
  • Bikini zone

The device has 2 operating modes – automatic and manual. Therefore, the procedure can be carried out both on large areas of the body, and on small ones, pulse-by-pulse. The device is also equipped with an automatic cooling system, which provides comfort ensuring there is no pain during the procedure, which is an improvement in the technology given that not all home hair removal devices have this feature. If you’ve had a bad experience with an older generation of IPL device and you think it’s going to hurt again, there is no reason for concern with PRAIMY modern IPL machines. 

The IPL hair removal procedure is suitable for all skin phototypes, except for deep dark skin, because the technology requires a contrast between skin color and hair color. As for hair pigment, white, gray and red hair is also not suitable for IPL as they contain little melanin, so the procedure will not yield the desired effect.

How is IPL Different from Other Hair Removal Methods? There are so many ways to remove hair so you might wonder why decide to go with IPL! To answer this question, we will compare IPL technology with the other popular hair removal methods.

IPL VS shaving

At first glance, shaving seems to be the easiest and most affordable way to get rid of unwanted hair. However, in reality, this method has many nuances. For example, after shaving, irritation, skin redness, and ingrown hairs are often present. The procedure is not always painless and safe because you have to work with a sharp blade. Moreover, the effect itself is very short-term because after a day, the hair begins to grow again, and bristles that are unpleasant to the touch will appear on the treated area. It’s worth noting that depilation with a razor is not cheap. If you calculate the cost of razors, shaving gel, and soothing gels (in case of irritation), using an IPL device is much more cost effective.

In contrast, the use of an IPL device does not have unpleasant effects. After the session, the skin will be smooth and tender, and after a couple of days, the hair will begin to fall out. Additionally, the light wave promotes the production of collagen, making the skin more elastic after the procedure.

IPL VS sugaring

Sugaring or waxing are popular hair removal methods, but many people complain of experiencing ingrown hairs after using these methods. Moreover, these procedures can be painful and may not be suitable for everyone. Additionally, salon visits or at home treatments might be time consuming and messy while the results are not long-lasting either, as the hair grows back after 1-1.5 weeks, requiring repetition of the procedure.

An IPL device with a powerful cooling system can offer a pain-free experience without discomfort or any mess and will prevent ingrown hair and further hair growth. Most importantly, with IPL hair removal, there is no need to regularly visit a salon, as you can become your own master and achieve better, long-term results.

IPL VS laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a modern technique for permanently removing unwanted hair. However, compared to IPL, it has some significant drawbacks as laser hair removal has many contraindications. This procedure is also very expensive, especially when planning to treat multiple areas on the body. This can be a significant financial burden.

A portable photoepilator with intense light pulse technology is an excellent alternative to laser hair removal. It offers the same results as a professional laser device, but is more comfortable and affordable. It is also convenient that a single IPL device can be used for hair removal in different areas of the body. Therefore, with this device, you can independently remove hair wherever you wish, and with a one-time purchase, use it as much as you want!

How does the device work?

Light pulses penetrate the skin and interact with the hair pigment – melanin. When the light wave hits the pigment, it turns into a heat wave that burns the hair follicle and destroys it. Within 5 days, the root of the hair follicle is filled with connective tissue.

To effectively remove hair using the PRAIMY ZENANA IPL device, adhere to the following instructions:

A couple of hours before hair removal, use a razor to remove hair from the targeted area.

Turn on the device and select the desired mode and intensity level.

Begin the hair removal process by slowly moving the device along a horizontal line to avoid flashing the same area multiple times and prevent burns.

After the procedure, apply a soothing cream or gel to the treated area.

It is important to know that IPL technology does not give instant results. However, you will see noticeable hair loss after 5-7 days. A significant reduction in hair will be obvious after 3-4 sessions.

A varying number of procedures is required at different stages of treatment. Generally, treatment can be divided into three stages:

The first stage (1-4 weeks) – two procedures per week;

The second stage (weeks 5-8) – once a week;

The third stage (9 weeks and beyond) – once for 15-30 days or as needed.

The duration of the treatment is also different depending on the body part treated. Make sure to review the instructions for the device, for more information.

It is worth mentioning that IPL is one of the safest methods for hair removal. It does not have a negative impact on the skin, so you can safely use without any pain. During the session, you will feel warmth and light tingling, however, the automatic cooling system will make the process of hair removal comfortable.

Keep in mind that every person has a different level of sensitivity, which means it is very important to choose a comfortable level of intensity based on your individual preferences.

*Make sure to read the User Manual use before usign ZENANA IPL device.

Technology Benefits

The ZENANA Ice Cooling IPL Hair Removal device is definitely worth buying for several reasons. Firstly, it is suitable for both women and men, making it a versatile hair removal option. Secondly, it is a portable and convenient device for home use, making it easy to use whenever needed. Its simple interface makes it easy to operate, and it also has several modes and intensity levels that can be adjusted according to individual preferences.

Another significant advantage of this device is its cooling system, which provides a pain-free hair removal. Moreover, it is a universal device that can be used on different parts of the body, providing a comprehensive hair removal solution. The device quickly pays off the cost, making it a cost-effective option for long-term hair removal needs. Additionally, it has a long service life, making it durable and able to last for many years, even with active use. Overall, the ZENANA Ice Cooling IPL Hair Removal device is a smart investment for anyone looking for a practical and effective hair removal solution.

With ZENANA Ice Cooling IPL Hair Removal, you can make your fight against unwanted hair safe, painless, and effective. This device offers a comfortable and convenient way to remove hair from different parts of the body. It is a long-lasting solution that can save you money on costly salon visits, and its cooling system ensures a pain-free experience.

Investing in ZENANA Ice Cooling IPL Hair Removal can be one of the best investments you make in yourself. You will have the freedom to manage your hair removal needs in the comfort of your own home, without compromising on effectiveness and safety. Say goodbye to the inconvenience and discomfort of traditional hair removal methods, and hello to a new level of confidence and self-care.